I started my journey to becoming a freelance social media manager in January 2016. My answer to anything new is to google it and learn everything I could about it.

Time after time after time my questions were answered by the Social Media Examiner. I followed the people who wrote for them, and hoovered up their expertise with more enthusiasm than a Dyson.

To be published in the publication is huge for me. Hugely geeky. But it’s huge for me. I am incapable of playing it cool. For me this is my “I’ve made it” moment.

You can read it here: I WROTE THIS ARTICLE 

Thanks for all your lovely comments about it, and for the interesting discussion we’ve had on my Facebook group about whether this article stands up when it is very possible to measure the ROI against paid spend. All good geeky stuff.

Now I’m off to find some more data sets to analyse!


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